About the company

    Airline was found in 1985.

  Since 1993 ATC "Yuzmashavia" is a subdivision of State Enterprise "Production Association South Machine building plant named after of A.Makarov". Its passenger transportation experience airline acquired by delivering of plant delegations to space launches and performing business flights for VIP passengers. Cargo transportations also develop effectively, routes cover the whole world.
   Airline is authorized for transportation of military and double action goods, dangerous goods, there is a great experience of delivering humanitarian cargoes in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.
   For 25 years of work in air transport industry Yuzmashavia, dynamically evolving acquired many clients and reliable partners.
    Sphere of airline's activities constantly developed and besides basic activity - air transport, airline provides the range of additional services:
  • Sales tickets to all destinations
  • Hotel booking all over the world
  • Aircraft base and security
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Providing special machinery and vehicles
  • Warehousing

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